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Helen Crowley, Head of Sustainable Sourcing Innovation; Kering SA

Helen Crowley, Head of Sustainable Sourcing Innovation; Kering SA

Dr. Helen Crowley is the Head of Sustainable Sourcing Innovation at the French company Kering. In this role she advises and supports Kering's portfolio of luxury brands to implement best practices in sustainability. Specifically, she focuses on developing innovative approaches for raw material sourcing, improved manufacturing processes and she leads on implementation of animal welfare standards and the integration of biodiversity conservation, planetary boundary and circular economy principles into the business. Prior to Kering, Helen worked with Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) for over a decade on conservation strategy, program management, market-based approaches to conservation and ‘bottom of the pyramid' enterprise development in Africa and Madagascar. Early in her career, she worked as a senior consultant to companies on building out environmental health and safety programs to encompass broader sustainability issues.


Dedicated to incorporating evolving trends and new learning into her professional life, Helen has decided to take a year-long sabbatical from Kering starting in October 2019. During this time, she will be a Fellow and Senior Advisor for Resilient Supply Chains at Conservation International. She will focus on developing new approaches for business to address climate and biodiversity challenges. Helen has a PhD in Zoology from the Australian National University and is on the Boards of non-profit organizations including Textile Exchange, Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network and the International Union for the Conservation of Nature US. She is also on the advisory boards of the GEF Planet Gold Program and Alante Capital. Helen contributes to the business and biodiversity work of the World Economic Forum as an advisor and member of the Global Futures Council.

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