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Amanda Petzinger, Senior Director; Gensuite

Amanda Petzinger, Senior Director; Gensuite

Amanda Petzinger is a Senior Director on Gensuite's Growth and Customer Experience team. Her responsibilities in this role focus on facilitating cross-customer engagement including Gensuite's annual Customer Conference, bi-annual All-Customer Calls, and Customer Advisory Board. Recently, Amanda coordinated and led a weekly workgroup focused on collaborating to manage the Covid-19 pandemic crisis in the workplace, helping Gensuite subscribers with real-time, practical solutions, pilots and experience sharing.


In addition to her customer engagement responsibilities, Amanda also has 13+ years of expertise implementing, configuring, designing and supporting Gensuite's 60+ web-based applications, as well as extensive experience supporting Gensuite's customers in their quest for Environmental, Health and Safety operational excellence. She also serves as an advisor for Gensuite's Sustainability & Energy Management suite of applications.


Amanda received her bachelors' degrees in Management Information Systems and Spanish from Xavier University in 2010, with summa cum laude distinction.



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